Dancing in the Birmingham Public Library

It is the second day of International Dance Week! Today, we danced in the atrium of the Downtown Birmingham Public Library. A few people walked right through us, not really sure of what was going on, but many stopped for awhile to observe.
For thirty minutes we rolled, climbed, leaned, pulled and moved through the entrace of the library around (and in!) trees, up steps, on rails and around columns. “We” includes Margaret Armstrong, Mary Foshee, Rachael Inman and Shellie Chambers.
What is modern dance? We posed the question…and our own responses:
“movement aware of itself, a means of expression, without frills, an American-born art form.” We asked passers-by to observe, reflect and find a connection.
Tomorrow, an excercise class at the YMCA Downtown, 11:10am. I hope you’ll join us.