Review of SixbySix by Daniel Hurst

A lovely review of SixbySix by Daniel Hurst, an Alabama lawyer encouraging his inner artist, on Birmingham Verse.

Many thanks, Daniel!Daniel’s Bio
Growing up, I frequently was reminded to be sensible, get an education, and start my careerbefore pursuing anything as foolish as making art. After four somewhat sensible years at Auburn University, three very sensible years at Alabama’s fine law school, and then several increasingly sensible years practicing law, I figured it was about time that I actively pursued some of my own interests. This website is part of my recovery process.
I’ve played music since high school, but rarely played out loud for anyone. I’ve painted since law school, but only recently showed it to anyone. And I’ve been observing, listening, appreciating, and writing since forever, but never put it out there for anyone. Until now.
As a recovering attorney currently living in Birmingham, Alabama, I wholeheartedly encourage you to contact me at and let me know what you’re thinking, where you’re going in town to experience art, and how you go about creating.