Dances Fall line up

featuring new and favorite works…
(photos below by Bobbie Aldridge and Jim Willet)

New Works:

“A Very Dry Spell”
choreographed by Lynn Bowman

“so you want me always to paint flowers…”
conceived and performed by Sarah Barry and Allison Hetzel (Saturday evening)

“This Place”
choreographed and performed by Rhea Speights with live music written and performed by Kayde and Karoline Parker of Abram and Sarah

“Scattered Songs”
choreographed and performed by guest artist David Appel (Friday and Sunday)


“Burden of Choice” to music by Mogwai
choreographed by Shellie Chambers

coreographed by Shellie Chambers

“It’s Only Paper”
choreographed by Rhea Speights

“Neruda No. 5”
choreographed by Michelle Hamff
Featuring the following poems by Pablo Neruda…
“Poetry,” “If You Forget Me,” “Ode to the Sea,” “I Like to Be Still” and “Integrations”

“Trick or Treat Me Like a Fool” to a Soundscore including excerpts from Jacques Offenbach, Dirty Three, Mabel John, Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Borodin and Romanian and Polish Folk Music.
choreographed by Rhea Speights

Dances Fall
October 9 & 10 / 7:30pm
October 11 / 2:30pm
Preshow live music by Abram and Sarah 30 minutes before curtain.

Tickets, $10, are on sale now!