Sanspointe performs at Vestavia High School and The University of Alabama

On October 22, following performances of Dances Fall in Birmingham, we performed excerpts of Dances Fall at Vestavia High School (VHS). We were excited to perform for the second time to perform at VHS. We performed one a solo from Michelle Hamff’s Neruda No. 5, Rhea Speights Trick or Treat Me Like a Fool, and Lynn Bowman’s A Very Dry Spell for more than 600 fine arts students.

On October 27th, we spent a day in Tuscaloosa at The University of Alabama. Lynn Bowman taught class to dance majors in the morning. We spent the afternoon setting the lights in Morgan Auditorium for the full-length presentation of Dances Fall, observed by a class or two.

We presented Dances Fall at 7pm, including pre-show live music by Abram and Sarah. Following the performance, we had an informal Q&A with more than 20 dance majors about everything from the content of the dances to the business of running a dance company. More than half of our company artists are graduates from The University of Alabama, and we are always thrilled to go back and visit. This day-long residency was made possible by UA’s Creative Campus.