I come from…

Michelle and Shellie’s collaboration, continued…

At the end of our first rehearsal, we gave the dancers a homework assignment – from Liz Lerman’s “toolbox.” We asked them to fill a sheet of paper, responding to the prompt “I come from…”.

We had our second rehearsal on Monday, and these were some of the statements that they made, some of which we have used in our dance.

I come from plenty.
I come from safety and shelter.
I come from a family of five, a happy home, the south.
I come from farming and sewing.

I come from palm trees, the ocean, a family, a tradition, sadness.
I come from Africa, drums, pain; Spaniards with no boundaries, people like you and me.
I come from tasty food, local prejudice, bombs, violence, lack of respect of value for human life.
I come from an idea of God, the love of a mother and her sacrifice.

I come from a country where everybody stands for themselves.
I come from a place where you are not sure what tomorrow holds.
I come from a place I no longer want to be.
I come from a place my favorite memories are lost.
I come from South-Africa, now I’m safe.

I come from a love of art.
I come from being a believer in seeing the good in people.
I come from hope that the world we live in will keep moving towards peace.
I come from the sum of all my experiences and relationships.