Changing Your Point of View


Thursday Rehearsal

Sanspointe turns 10! was such a great performance thanks to all of our supporters, donors, and audiences that came out each night! We were also thrilled to have Girls Inc and other guests come view Thursday’s rehearsal!

From the live music of Iron Giant Percussion and Michael Glaser to the audience’s invitation to change their point of view during the performance, Sanspointe Turns 10! was truly interactive! Check out what Artistic Director Rhea Speights has to say on the Company developing this unique experience for audience members.


photo by Barbara Aldridge

To be honest, I was a little nervous about presenting our birthday celebration concert the way that we did. Even back in 2005 when Michelle and I collaborated on Point of Contact, we were talking about ways to make the performances more interactive, but the strong tradition of the audience to sit and receive the work in a seemingly passive way is a large hurdle to overcome. Shellie has been most successful in that sort of effort with Dances Along the Line in 2011 where she asked the choreographers to situate the dances in a specific area of the park and guided the audience to travel along a specific path to view them.


photo by Barbara Aldridge

My goal was to bring that freedom of space into the theatre. Shellie’s “Memory Trace” and Rachael’s “Marked” were exciting works to include in this program because they required explicit participation. I don’t believe the audience is a passive receiver of the performance. Talk to audience members after a show. Their experiences are all so completely a product of their specific point of view, their history and preferences and, yes, even their seat in the house. The audience is actively engaging their imaginations and performing a creative act along side the performers.

I was pleased with the number of folks who took the invitation to more actively select their perspective throughout the concert and thrilled that the experience we shaped for Sanspointe Turns 10! elicited such a positive response. As artists, we are always seeking new challenges and I look forward to exploring this new territory now that the bar has been raised.