Movement Workshop Series-Saturdays in October, 2014

MOVEMENT WORKSHOP SERIES-OCTOBER 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2014


SDC will present a series of movement-based workshops taught by current company members in the month of October, 2014.  The classes will meet from 10am-Noon at Children’s Dance Foundation in Homewood, AL.  These courses will be geared toward an intermediate and up level.  Pricing is $15 for drop-in and $50 if enrolling in the entire series of classes.  There is a special Trip the Light concert ticket price ($15 value) available for those who pay for the entire series.  Online registration can be accessed here:

Lines in Space 10-04-14-Sara Turney -This class will have two main focuses: discovering the lines of the body and exploring the space as a tangible substance that can be moved around.  Dancers will examine how their bodies can stretch and extend in all planes through class work and improvisation.  They will also find ways of moving the space around them instead of moving through the space.

Lazy Bones 10-11-14-Alisa McCool-Filtering ideas from Bartinieff Fundamentals and basic human movement, this class will begin with breath development and sequential movement on the floor. We will utilize the full body (down to the fingertips) through work in the center and across the floor, building toward a culminating phrase that emphasizes dynamic lyricism and musicality. Throughout the class, dancers will be challenged to move as efficiently and as much like human beings as possible, allowing their bones to take charge rather than their muscles.

Inner Impetus 10-18-14-Taryn Ann Brown-This class will explore internal motivations of movement through elements of Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, and guided improvisations.  Dancers will discover new pathways of movement invention through a cleansing of psychophysical tension and a refreshed awareness of personal creative potential.  The workshop will culminate with extended phrase work given by the instructor.

Time: Our Invisible Environment 10-25-14-Shellie Chambers-This class will explore elements of time, including pulse, accent, speed, and canon through contemporary dance technique and improvisations. Movement phrases will be given in mixed meters, including measures of 3, 5, 7 and 12 beats.  Live music is an essential element to the class.